Overlord: This is what Funimation's Latin dubbing sounds like

 AINZ OOAL GOWN STILL SOUNDS GREAT IN SPANISH Funimation is the new streaming service that will arrive in Latin America this December, Mexico and Brazil to be more specific, with the promise of finally bringing Latin dubbing for some of our favorite animes.Throughout these months of promotion, it has gradually confirmed titles in its catalog, as well as giving samples of the dubbing that we will hear. So far there are around 200 anime series, with quite popular titles, among them the following have been confirmed: Attack on Titan (confirmed dubbing) My Hero Academia (confirmed dubbing) Assassination Classroom (dubbing confirmed) Fruits Basket Sword Art Online Fire force Fairy tail Tokyo Ghoul (dubbing confirmed) Kimetsu no yaiba Overlord (dubbing confirmed) OVERLORD IN LATIN SPANISH Overlord was one of the most anticipated anime to be confirmed on the platform, and fans could not believe their excitement when it was revealed that it would also have dubbing in Latin Spanish. After the

One Piece is on hiatus again for the health of its creator

 EIICHIRO ODA'S HEALTH SEEMS NOT TO BE AT ITS BEST Earlier this week, One Piece fans received news that took them by surprise, as it was announced again that the manga would be taking a two-week break.Especially for Eiichiro Oda this is very strange, since the story of Luffy and company rarely takes a vacation without a prior scheduling or announcement. THE REASONS FOR THE 'BREAK' OF ONE PIECE Apparently this break is due to the health of the author of One Piece and, as expected, the fans have taken it in the best way, since they have been understanding sending all their support and love to Oda .This means that the next chapter of the One Piece manga will be published until Friday, October 16 , and remember that you can read it totally free on Manga Plus , Shueisha's official platform . It also promises to return with a color cover, so One Piece # 992 looks pretty good, so we just have to wait for Oda to recover and try to rest. Along with Shueisha , the Jump news sit

Demon Slayer Launches Underwear Line For Demon Hunters

 SO THAT YOU SLEEP WITH EXTRA PROTECTION FROM DEMONS Demon Slayer , known in its original language as Kimetsu no Yaiba , managed to gain a good number of fans with its anime adaptation. Unfortunately, his return was postponed due to covid-19. This work, created by Koyoharu Gotōge still has a lot to show in the anime , but while we wait for a new chapter we can buy a lot of official merchandise of the strangest. To please all Demon Slayer fans , the launch of a new underwear line that only true demon hunters will want in their collection was confirmed. As part of a partnership with Bandai Fashion Collection , a new Demon Slayer- inspired underwear line will hit the market . Nezuko, Shinobu and Tanjiro were the inspiration to create different outfits that you can see below. These garments include bras, shorts and pants to sleep, tops and even bags with which you can create your own combinations, even to wear on a normal day.At the moment, it was announced that Demon Slayer's underwe