Demon Slayer Launches Underwear Line For Demon Hunters


Demon Slayer , known in its original language as Kimetsu no Yaiba , managed to gain a good number of fans with its anime adaptation. Unfortunately, his return was postponed due to covid-19.

This work, created by Koyoharu Gotōge still has a lot to show in the anime , but while we wait for a new chapter we can buy a lot of official merchandise of the strangest.

To please all Demon Slayer fans , the launch of a new underwear line that only true demon hunters will want in their collection was confirmed.

As part of a partnership with Bandai Fashion Collection , a new Demon Slayer- inspired underwear line will hit the market .

Nezuko, Shinobu and Tanjiro were the inspiration to create different outfits that you can see below.

These garments include bras, shorts and pants to sleep, tops and even bags with which you can create your own combinations, even to wear on a normal day.At the moment, it was announced that Demon Slayer's underwear line will hit stores in Japan in February 2021.

This is where we have to give you bad news, since apparently they have no plans to launch the collection outside of the Asian country.

There is always the option to find a way to import them, although the process can be complicated and could take a long time.It seems that there will be no other option but to settle for the designs of the tianguis or the Frikiplaza , although we recommend washing them several times as a precaution.

Demon Slayer: Infinity Train will hit theaters in Japan on October 16 and will lay the groundwork for the next season of the anime .

We know that he will return sometime in 2021, but they have not confirmed an exact date yet so we have to be patient.


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